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Time, Space, Position, Information (TSPI) Study


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This study was performed to identify tracking techniques and systems that could be used to track multiple targets in a realistic threat environment. The work performed provided technical support to IRAQ for analysis and evaluation of tracking systems and techniques for a Continental Operating Range (COR). The tracking requirements for the COR are twofold. The near term (or initial system) requirements (1-5 years) are for tracking 16 aircraft within a 75 n.mi. diameter circle. The far term (or future system) requirements (5-10 years) are for tracking 60 aircraft and 40 ground vehicles within a 200 n.mi. diameter circle. The study was to provide guidelines of techniques that would satisfy near term requirements as well as having long term growth potential for satisfying the far term requirements. The study included the investigation of measurement techniques, navigation systems, range measurement systems, range displays and computer requirements. Major emphasis was given to the analysis of hardware developed ranging systems that could, with modifications, satisfy the Air Force's near term tracking requirements. The two sytems which will most likely satisfy the near term requirements are Cubic Corporations's Air Combat Maneuvering Range (ACMR) and General Dynamic's Range Measurement System/Data Collection System (RMS-2/DCS). Appendix C (Secret) of this report, prepared for RADC and published separately, will discuss ALSS technology and its relationship to TSPI requirements.



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