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EMC Data Collection Techniques: Test methods CE and CS


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An evaluation of the present specifications for conducted interference in MIL-STD-461A and 462 is reported. The basis for setting limits is reviewed, and the test methods presently called for are applied to several types of communications and radar equipment. Statistical data on power line and equipment internal impedances permit a comparison of present emission and susceptibility limits and permit the computation of new limits by inserting data into a theoretical interference model. A radiation model is used to arrive at an absolute limit of current from an interference source. This limit is converted to a measured emission current limit through use of a statistical circuit model, assuming an allowable 2.3 percent probability of interference. A corresponding susceptibility limit is derived. From the standpoint of efficiency in predicting compatibility, the optimum value of emission test load impedance is the average actual load impedance, and not a short circuit as is presently used. Limits derived for both test terminations, and accuracies of the two techniques are compared. Certain new emission and susceptibility limits are proposed and specific recommendations are presented on test methods.



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