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Monte Carlo Calculations of the Transmission of Thermal Radiation from Nuclear Detonations in Model Atmospheres


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(U) Monte Carlo calculations for monochromatic point isotropic sources were performed to determine the direct and scattered fluxes incident on flat plate receivers oriented so as to be (1) perpendicular to the source-receiver direction, (2) parallel to the ground surface, and (3) perpendicular to the ground surface. The receiver surface was always facing the point isotropic source. The calculations were run for 13 monochromatic wavelengths between 0.3 microns and 4.0 microns, source altitudes of 1, 9 and 50 km, a receiver altitude of 6 m, and receiver horizontal range from 9 to 90 km. The transmission calculations for each of the receiver orientations were performed for model atmospheres designed to represent a morning tropical atmosphere and an afternoon tropical atmosphere. Transmission calculations for a receiver oriented normal to the source-receiver axis were also performed for summer, winter and winter inversion midlatitude atmospheres, and arctic atmosphere. For the 1 km source altitude in the morning and afternoon tropical atmospheres, transmission calculations were performed for cases where these atmospheres contained a cloud layer with the bottom of the cloud layer being at an altitude of either 1.5 km or 5.5 km



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