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Meteorological Data Sounding System, AN/UMQ-7(V)

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The AN/UMQ-7(V) meteorological data sounding system is being developed to supply meteorological information to combat units for calculating artillery-projectile trajectories, acquiring data for target acquisition systems, forecasting the weather, and predicting radiological fallout. Rocket-launched and balloon-borne atmospheric probes collect meteorological data and transmit them to a ground station. This ground station tracks the probes in range of an X-band radar-ranging frequency and receives the meteorological data and tracks the probes in azimuth and elevation on an S-band frequency. These data are fed to an M18 (FADC) gun direction computer, are automatically processed, and are then transmitted by digital data terminals over conventional communication channels to user units. Locally acquired surface data are also processed and distributed. Major components of the system include the AN/AMQ-22 and AN/AMQ-23 atmospheric radiosonde probes, the AN/TMQ-19(XE-1) automatic atmospheric sounding set, the AN/TMQ-22 meteorological measuring set, the ML-566/AM fast-rising balloon, the ML-536/UM hydrogen generator, and the ML-594/U inflation and launching device. In addition, the AN/UMQ-7(V) system includes manual instruments and computing devices for use if the automatic equipment becomes inoperable.



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