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Synthesis of a Fluidic Flight Control System


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A program was conducted to investigate the feasibility of synthesizing a fully-pneumatic fluidic flight control system for advanced vehicle applications. A pitch axis flight stabilization system was developed to determined feasibility and to indicate achievable performance. The system approach selected for investigation utilizes a novel pulsating vortex rate sensor, jet digital signal processing elements, and orifice-volume analog frequency shaping network, and a complete integrated rotary position servo. The position servo consists of analog vortex and venjet amplifiers, a novel vortex servovalve, a fluidic position transducer, and a rotary actuator. All components and subsystems required were designed and developed into integrated configurations suitable for operation on 1000 deg F air in a 1000 deg F environment. Functionality was demonstrated for all components and subsystems and for the complete integrated system. The position servo operated excellently with air supply and environmental temperatures in the tested range from 70 deg F to 1000 deg F. Operation of the rate sensing componentry was limited to several hundred degrees F. Basic designs exist for all functional components and subsystems required. Subsequent effort can be directed to design refinement for enhanced performance, temperature capability and packaging as desired.



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