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Radar Warning System


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Since the rapid development of the electronics industry after World War II, radar has been used to perform various missions in the Air-Defense System. For low speed aircraft, radar systems can be divided into early warning radar, ground fire-control radar, etc. Today, however, the speed of aerial attacks is greatly increased in ballistic missiles and supersonic aircraft. The time allowed to compute defense data is therefore greatly reduced, and the old defense systems are no longer capable of handling a high-speed air attack. For meeting the challenge of ICBM attack, the defense system must be modified. One approach is to increase the effective radar distance, and to automate the calculation of all data and its delivery to the defensive missile site. Newly developed radar units such as ground-to-air missile-guiding radar, air-to-air missile-guiding radar, and guided missile search radar have been extensively developed. The author points out, in conclusion, that an air defense system must be constantly changing to meet the requirements of newly developed techniques of aviation.



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