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Trends in Global and Polar Cloudiness from Satellite Data,

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Trends of cloudiness change are estimated on the basis of Soviet satellite data 1971-1985. Besides the general tendency of global cloudiness increasing separately for the Northern and Southern hemispheres with increasing global surface temperature, there are regions with the opposite tendency. Differences in the cloudiness-temperature relationship in interannual evolution for different seasons are, noted. Analysis of the trends of intramonth from day to day cloudiness dispersion in relation to the evolution of the temperature regime is also made. Particularly in Northern hemisphere NH high latitudes the total cloudiness n increases with the increase of NH surface temperature Tp dndTpO for summer and fall seasons in interannual evolution. Negative values-of dndTp were estimated in polar latitudes mainly for winter and spring. The intramonth cloudiness dispersion on2 decreases in the interannual evolution with hemispheric warming for most of the annual cycle and for most of the NH. In polar latitudes the opposite tendency dominates and only for winter and spring were negative values of estimated.

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This article is from 'Proceedings of the International Conference on the Role of the Polar Regions in Global Change Held in Fairbanks, Alaska on 11-15 June 1990. Volume 1', AD-A253 027, p176-183.



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