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A Future System Design Technique Based on Functional Decomposition, Supported by Quantifiable Design Aims, and Guidelines for Minimum Maintenance Costs,

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The increasing cost and complexity of modern fast-jet aircraft, coupled with the long development period which takes place while technology is charging rapidly, make it necessary to consider a new approach to system design. Such an approach should be based on a structural top-down procedure, in which the rather general requirement can be changed into a detailed documented design in a controlled manner. One important aspect of design is cost, and in particular cost-effectiveness and life-cycle cost. At least some of the design aims can be based on cost-effectiveness reasoning, and it is necessary to have an appreciation of the background to this. Reliability-dependent maintenance costs can amount to much more than the original purchase price, and hence it is essential to be aware of the possible cost-drivers, and include maintenance aspects in the design approach from the beginning. This paper describes some of the work carried out at RAE on these aspects. Author

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This article is from 'Advanced Concepts for Avionics/Weapon System Design, Development and Integration: Conference Proceedings of the Avionics Panel Symposium (45th) Held at Ottawa, Canada on 18-22 April 1983,' AD-A138 600, p5-1-5-6.



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