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A Cost Based Acquisition Planning Model Utilizing Expert System Concepts,

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A micro-processor based computer model utilizing expert system concepts has been developed to provide cost based acquisition planning information to the DoD acquisition community. The model, called ACROM, is a menu driven inquiry-response system wherein qualitative acquisition profile descriptions are converted, via embedded algorithms, to quantitative system acquisition cost estimates in a MIL-STD-881A Work Breakdown Structure format. The choice of one of two input modes provides for a top-down Mode A estimate using only six high level input parameters or a bottom-up Mode B estimate by characterizing each of 45 WBS elements for the system acquisition. Estimates may be accumulated by subsystem for large scale programs or by phase for total program andor life cycle cost estimates. The model has been exercised for over 70 DoD system acquisitions and has provided relatively accurate estimates for electronic computer-based systems. It is anticipated that continued use and enhancements of the model will improve the embedded expertise in specialized acquisition areas and will provide a readily accessible and easy to use program management support tool in the critical area of system cost. Author

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This article is from 'Proceedings of the Federal Acquisition Research Symposium with Theme: Government, Industry, Academe: Synergism for Acquisition Improvement, held at Williamsburg, Virginia on 7-9 December 1983, AD-A137 700, p198-201.



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