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Design and Construction of Fabric-Reinforced Dredged Material Retaining Dikes,

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The design and construction concepts postulated for fabric-reinforced retaining dike construction were successfully verified under field conditions, and the method was found to a technically feasible, operationally practical, and cost-effective method of constructing retaining dikes on an extremely soft foundation when positive assurance of constructability is required. Development of an overall management plan, including location and design of dredged material retaining structures, is currently under way for the Pinto Island Disposal Area, and it is anticipated that fabric-reinforced construction will be used for at least another 4,000 lin fit of retaining dike at this location. A similar fabric-reinforced dike test section is currently being designed for placement on very soft unde-watered fine-grained dredged material in the Craney Island Disposal Area of the U.S. Army Engineer District, Norfolk. Several other Corps of Engineer operating elements are actively considering fabric-reinforced retaining dikes as an alternative to their current dike construction procedures. Use of the analysis technique, design methods, fabric selection criteria, and construction procedures summarized herein should allow qualified engineers and contractors to build successful fabric-reinforced retaining dikes for positive containment of disposed dredged material.

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This article is from Management of Bottom Sediments Containing Toxic Substances: Proceedings of the U.S. Japan Experts Meeting (7th) held at New York City on 2-4 November 1981, AD-A136 740, p39-58.




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