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'All-Electric' Accessory Drive Systems: Implications on Engine Design and Performance,

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Engine studies had been conducted on all-electric accessory power systems in response to questions from aircraft manufacturers, particularly in the civil field. It was felt appropriate to extend the studies to military applications, and to clarify the effects on engine design and performance. In the all-electric proposal, all accessory power requirements are generated and distributed electrically. A major feature is that air bleeds for environmental control systems are replaced by increased shaft power offtake. It is concluded that the concept is worthy of consideration for large subsonic transport aircraft since it offers the prospect of simplification and weight reduction in the engines. For supersonic combat aircraft, the concept is not recommended with relatively higher levels of shaft power offtake, additional handling problems will be created. In both cases, it is the effects on the engine and aircraft weight and systems as a whole which need to be considered. Author

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This article is from 'Auxiliary Power Systems: Conference Proceedings of the Propulsion and Energetics Panel B Specialists' Meeting (61st) Held at Copenhagen, Denmark on 30-31 May 1983,' AD-A136 220, p16-1-16-8.



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