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A Jet Fuel Starter for Lowest System Life Cycle Cost,

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The concept of a modular Jet Fuel Starter design using an Expendable Gasifier EG indicates a substantial life cycle cost savings over a conventional overhauled unit. To achieve these savings, a low cost gasifier is a mandatory requirement. The EG does this by maximizing cast-to-near-net-shape components, using aluminum cold end castings and by minimizing the use of expensive high temperature alloys. To allow these design approaches, gasifier performance parameters, specific power, compressor pressure ratio, cycle temperature and fuel consumption, were selected to minimize component stress and sensitivity to refined dimensions. To further enhance future downstream cost savings, the gasifier interfaces have been established to fit optional JFS and auxiliary power unit installations, and to include turbojets and turbofans suitable for unmanned vehicles. Using hardware fabricated by production manufacturing technology methods, performance levels and initial structural integrity have been validated by both component and engine testing of a turbojet demonstrator. Author

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This article is from 'Auxiliary Power Systems: Conference Proceedings of the Propulsion and Energetics Panel B Specialists' Meeting (61st) Held at Copenhagen, Denmark on 30-31 May 1983,' AD-A136 220, p11-1-11-11.



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