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ICAM (Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing) Group Technology Characterization Code (GTCC). Volume 3. System Installation (User 1 Manual).

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This manual contains information and instructions needed to intall a GTSS software on a digital computer using a FORTRAN 77 compiler. This manual is intended to be used by computer personnel when installing GTSS for the first time or when reconfiguring an established system. Recognizing that each installation of GTSS will be unique, requiring tailoring of the software to fit specific user restraints, the GTSS development team has provided a set of aids designed to facilitate installation. These include two front-end programs ICAMGN and DEKGEN and this manual. The GTSS development team has identified a number of parameters which are installation dependent. These include array dimensions, various limit and constraint values, and miscellaneous other items. Some of these parameters are set directly by the user. Others are calculated using various formulas and relationships. Many of these parameters appear several hundred times each in the final source code. The two front-end programs facilitate GTSS installation by relieving the user from the need to make these calculations by hand and then edit them manually into the code.

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Final technical rept., 29 Sep 78-31 Aug 83,

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See also Volume 1, AD-B082 541L.



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Approved for public release; Distribution unlimited.

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