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Rapid Evaluation of Propulsion System Effects. Volume I

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This report presents the results of a research program to develop computerized preliminary analysis procedures for calculating propulsion system installation losses. These losses include inlet and nozzle internal losses and external drag losses for a wide variety of subsonic and supersonic aircraft configurations up to Mach 3.5. The calculation procedures used in the computer programs, which were largely developed from existing engineering procedures and experimental data, are suitable for preliminary studies of advanced aircraft configurations. Two interactive computer programs were developed during the contract 1 A propulsion installation effects program that calculates installed performance, using input maps of inlet and nozzleaftbody characteristics for specific configurations, and 2 a derivative program that allows the user to generate new sets of input maps by perturbations to the geometries of the basic input maps. The work accomplished during the contract is documented in four separate volumes. Volume I is a Final Report discussing the analysis methods and data used to develop the programs, and major technical observations from the study. Volume II is a PIPSI Users Manual, containing documentation of the interactive propulsion installation program. Volume III is the Derivative Procedure Users Manual, documenting the methods and usage of the derivative procedure. Volume IV is the library of input maps.

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Final rept. Jul 1977-Jul 1978

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See also Volume 4, AD-B031 555L.



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