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NAVSPACECOM Space Surveillance Sensor System Digital Signal Processing Receiver. Volume 3. Operating System Functions

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This is a system description of the Naval Space Command NAVSPACECOM Space Surveillance Sensor System Digital Signal Processing Receiver DSPR. Formerly known as NAVSPASUR, the Space Surveillance system began as an advanced research project in June 1958, was commissioned as an operational Naval command in February 1961, and is operated by NAVSPACECOMs Space Surveillance Processing Center in Dahlgren, Virginia. The DSPR is a real-time radar data acquisition and analysis system. Its function is to detect, with no prior information, all space objects whose orbits cross the continental United States and to compute their subsequent orbits. It provides vital satellite information in support of national defense mission objectives of space intelligence, satellite attack warning, satellite intercept support, and space mission support. This system description was prepared as part of a modernization program that has replaced DSPR hardware for which parts are no longer available. Volume 3 describes the operating system functions required by the applications software. Volume 4 describes the hardware interfaces between the major subsystems of the DSPR and identifies critical timing paths and interrupts between subsystems. Previously published, Volume 1 NRLFR8154-93-9577 presents an overview of the hardware and software of the DSPR system, and Volume 2 NRLFR8154-93-9578 discusses the function and capabilities of individual software and hardware components of each subsystem.

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Final rept. Oct 1990-Sep 1993

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See also Volume 4, ADA278845.



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