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Immunoassay of Newcastle Disease Virus and Anti-NDV in Mouse Serum Using a Light-Addressable Potentiometric Sensor

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A rapid non-radioactive sandwich immunoassay which utilizes biotin- streptavidin mediated filtration capture of immune complexes in conjunction with a silicon sensor was developed for the detection of virus and antibody to virus in serum. Using Newcastle Disease Virus NDV and mouse anti-NDV IgG spiked into mouse serum as a clinical-style model, the lower limits of detection LOD were determined. The LODs per test site were 1 ng for NDV and 4 ng for anti-NDV. The assays were carried out at room temperature in a single step 60 min incubation of immunoreagents with analyte. The assays were easy to perform and required a total time equal to the incubation period plus about ten minutes. The assay format is suitable for a wide range of biological antigens. New assays can be developed and optimized readily, often within one day. The apparatus employs a light-addressable potentiometric LAP sensor is rugged and compact, and requires minimal logistic support. The work presented here demonstrates the utility of the LAP sensor for use in a field or remote hospital setting. Streptavidin, Biotin, Biosensor, Urease, Antibody, Newcastle disease virus, Detection, Serum.

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