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The Command and Control Reference Model for Modeling, Simulations, and Technology Applications

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The C2RM provides a framework for the evolution of a coordinated and detailed definition of a command and control C2 discipline. The C2RM embodies an integrated multidisciplinary approach. It is intended to be complete and self-consistent for the main levels of abstractions encountered in models, simulations, operational applications, functional descriptions, paradigms and metaphors of C2. The scope of the C2RM embraces C2 using all key physical and logical interactions associated with C2 systems. It is concerned with interactions, involving not only communications e.g., radios, but transportations e.g., vehicles, identifications e.g., sensors, and inflictions e.g., weapons, which take place between resources of the same, friendly, hostile or neutral C2 units. High levels of abstractions of user requirements for C2 across the broad spectrum of military and civil domains have led to the development of the C2RM. It applies to all phases of system acquisition from the laboratory to the field and from conceptualization to realization. The C2RM is based upon generic and analog extensions to the International Standards Organization ISO open system interconnection OSI reference model RM which go far beyond the scope of the ISO OSI RM. The major theme, however, of layering services is preserved to facilitate understanding, reuse of design, implementation, and interoperability to the maximum degree possible with available C2 technology.

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