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The Development of Permanent Medical Standards for Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) Crew Personnel.

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Initially, the Naval Sea Systems Command NAVSEA provided Landing Craft Air Cushion LCAC crews with medical requirements for both selection and operational use in the Safe Engineering and Operations SEAOPS Manual for Training Standardization and Evaluation of Crewmember Qualification, Landing Craft Air Cushion LCAC. However, the medical requirements were vague and could be loosely interpreted by medical authorities screening personnel for LCAC crew candidacy. Factors that led to the need for developing permanent LCAC medical selection standards included 1 a constricted personnel pipeline for LCAC operators and lack of ready replacements 2 the high cost of training 3 a training fatality with medical implications and 4 the evolving realization of LCAC uniqueness and special physical requirements needed for its successful operation. Naval Health Research Center in San Diego was tasked by NAVSEA PMS377 to organize and coordinate the development of permanent medical selection standards for publication in the Manual for the Medical Department MANMED, and to provide revised operational medical requirements for the SEAOPS manual. This report describes the steps taken to develop these standards, and a list of recommendations that should be considered in any future changes to the medical standards, to LCAC crew trainingoperational procedures, or to LCAC design. Landing craft air cushion, LCAC, Medical standards, Task performance analysis, Human factors.

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Final rept. Oct 1990-Nov 1993

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Prepared in collaboration with Anacapa Sciences, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA.



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