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Economic Indicators Selected Countries.

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Tables in the section comparing various countries should be regarded as rough comparisons only due to different techniques in constructing the indexes in different countries. Figures for various states or areas within a country should also be regarded as rough comparisons only as different state awards may include different components. Certain indexes have been constructed on classifications which have been revised during the period covered by the indexes. These indexes have been linked on a reasonably comparable basis wherever possible. Any exceptions have been noted in footnotes to the relevant tables. In some cases indexes of specific components of an industry group are shown as well as that of the industry as a whole. This latter index may contain additional components not shown and the components shown contribute varying weights. Therefore it is not possible to make a strict comparison between an industry index and components of that industry index. In cases where wage rates are expressed in currencies other than that of the country to which the rate is applicable these have been converted using the exchange rate current at the time the data was obtained. For this reason variations in the figures may be expected as the result of recent major currency re-alignments. Keywords Australia, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, France, West Germany, Netherlands, Sweden.

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