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Determination of the In Vitro and In Vivo Activity of Compounds Tested Against Punta Toro Virus.

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This report describes the second years studies using Punta Toro virus PTV infections in vitro and in vivo as test systems for evaluating anti-PTV compounds. A large plaque-purified pool of Adames strain of PTV was studied to attempt to increase the lethal infectivity of the virus for C57BL6 mice by passing the virus through mice, using pooled serum taken 2 days after infection to prepare a new PTV pool. Studies were run to confirm the acceptability of the mice which are used for our anti-PTV experiments. Preliminary assessments of toxicity of AVs compounds in 3-4 week-old mice were run on 30 compounds, using death and host weight change as parameters. In vitro anti-PTV evaluations were performed on 295 AVS compounds in LLC-MK2 cells with inhibition of viral cytopathic effect CPE as initial endpoint and reduction of virus titer VTR at maximum tolerated doses of initially active test compounds used as a confirmatory antiviral endpoint. Twenty-three AVS compounds inhibitory to Adames PTV in vitro were also evaluated against the Balliet strain of PTV. Death and mean survival time were used as initial evaluation parameters reduction in liver icterus, serum glutamic oxalic acid transaminase, serum glutamic pyruvic acid transaminase, serum virus and liver virus were also used in confirming in vivo anti-PTV experiments.

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Annual rept. 1 Dec 86-30 Nov 87,



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