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Degradable Binders for Ordnance Disposal

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The objectives of the current program are to prepare one or more candidate plastic bonded explosives PBX that will undergo controlled, thermal degradation to a processable material to provide the Navy with a degradable PBX for interim qualification. Under previous contracts, difunctional OH azo compounds incorporated into polyurethane binders provided a degradable PBX loaded with HMX. Under phase I of the current program we prepared a difunctional azo compound the degradable binder unit that can be used for RDX-loaded PBXs. In Phase II, we have formulated and tested PBXs containing optimum degradable units developed in Phase I. A thermally sensitive binder system has been developed for use in plastic bonded explosive PBX containing RDX filler. The thermally sensitive component in the formulations is the azo compound 1, 1- bis3-hydroxypropyl 1, 1, 1, 1-tetraisobutyl azomethane BPTA. This structure was selected based on its decomposition kinetics and ease of preparation. Because the compound is a primary diol, it is readily incorporated into crosslinked polyurethane binder formulations. The kinetic data indicate the binder has long-term stability with little change of physical properties at ambient conditions. However, when heated at 140C for approximately 1 hr, the binder degrades from a resilient insoluble material to a viscous fluid that is readily soluble.

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Final rept. 1 Nov 1977-31 May 1978 on phase 2

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DOI: 10.21236/ADA067791



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