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Combustor Design Criteria Validation. Volume I. Element Tests and Model Validation

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This report describes the 37-month program for the development of analytical models applicable to small gas turbine combustors. Six analytical models were developed and validated with element tests. The inputs and correlations obtained from the element tests along with basic developments to the models and the numerics provided analytical models when used in judicious conjunction with traditional empirical design and development of two different advanced reverse flow annular combustor concepts. One concept met all program performance goals without any major design modifications and the second concept required only one modification to meet the objectives. Therefore, the analytical models, when used in the proper context in conjunction with empirical methodology will reduce the design and development time and cost associated with gas turbine combustion systems. In addition, the models add to the fundamental under-standing of the physical processes occurring within the combustor which affect its performance. Extensive performance mapping of the two developed combustor concepts was conducted. This data was used to validate and update the computer models. This is Volume I of the three-volume final report covering the combustor element tests and model validation that took place in Task 1 of the program. Volume II reports the results of program Tasks II and III on the design, fabrication, and rig test of the two different combustors. Volume III is the Users Manual for the models.

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Final rept. 2 Jul 1975-31 Oct 1978

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See also Volume 2, AD-A067 689.



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