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National Dam Safety Program. Occoquan Reservoir System Dam Numbers (VA 15304) and (VA 15305), Potomac River Basin, Occoquan 'Upper' Main Dam, and Occoquan 'Lower' Storage Dam, Fairfax and Prince William Counties, Virginia. Phase I Inspection Report.

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The purpose of a Phase I investigation is to identify expeditiously those dams which may pose hazards to human life or property. The assessment of the general conditions of the dam is based upon available data and visual inspections. Detailed investigation and analyses involving topographic mapping, subsurface investigations, testing, and detailed computational evaluations are beyond the scope of a Phase I investigation however, the investigation is intended to identify any need for such studies. Based upon the field conditions at the time of the field inspection and all available engineering data, the Phase I report addresses the hydraulic, hydrologic, geologic, geotechnic, and structural aspects of the dam. The engineering techniques employed give a reasonably accurate assessment of the conditions of the dam. It should be realized that certain engineering aspects cannot be fully analyzed during a Phase I inspection. Assessment and remedial measures in the report include the requriements of additional indepth study when necessary. Phase I reports include project information of the dam and appurtenances, all existing engineering data, operational procedures, hydraulichydrologic data of the watershed, dam stability, visual inspection report and an assessment including required remedial measures.

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