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National Dam Inspection Program. Lake Stoneycreek Dam (NDI ID Number 227), Ohio River Basin, Rhoads Creek, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Phase I Inspection Report.

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Lake Stoneycreek Dam consists of an earth embankment 900 feet long, with a maximum height of 31 feet from the downstream toe. The dam has a concrete lined primary spillway over the embankment near the left abutment looking downstream and an earth channel emergency spillway around the right abutment. Based on evaluation of the conditions as they existed on the dates of inspection May 18 and 30, 1978, as revealed by the visual observations, and the review of available information, the condition of Lake Stoneycreek is considered to be fair. Although the primary and emergency spillways of the dam have sufficient cross-sectional area to pass the recommended spillway design discharge probable maximum flood without overtopping, the emergency spillway crest lacks erosion protection and has no well-defined discharge channel. Therefore, flow over this spillway will constitute a threat to the integrity of the earth embankment. It is recommended that the owner should take appropriate action as soon as possible to provide adequate erosion protection in the emergency spillway, evaluate the adequacy of the riprap at the entrance of the primary spillway, and remove brush on the upstream face of the dam. It is also recommended that the owner should evaluate the need for placing an upstream control at the outlet pipe and installing instrumentation in the embankment.

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