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Shake Testing of Vehicles through Recorded Simulation Control Scheme. Volume I

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Recorded simulation control scheme described in this report is a method of providing realistic inputs to a vehicle shaker. The scheme involves generating axle displacement records by simulating motion of the vehicle operation on the specified terrain, storing the records in memory of a control system and using them to provide input signals to the vehicle shaker. A terrain- tire-vehicle model needed to simulate vehicle motion is developed. The vehicle selected for the model is a typical three axle military truck. The tires are represented by any of these independently developed models point contact model, rigid tread band model, fixed footprint model and adaptive footprint model. A comparison of the analytical and the field test results demonstrates that the vehicle motion is adequately simulated, particularly when the adaptive footprint or the fixed footprint tire model is employed. The control system developed for storing the axle displacement records and playing them back incorporates a minicomputer, disc memory and input-output peripherals. Spectral densities of the shaker input signals generated by the control system agree well with those obtained from the test results, thereby verifying ability of the recorded simulation control scheme.

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Final rept. Sep 1976-Feb 1978

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See also Volume 2, AD-A056 544. DOI: 10.21236/ADA056543



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