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Electronic Structure of Ternary Alloys.

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The x-ray K and L absorption spectra of Fe and Ni in a series of ternary Fe-Ni-Al alloys were measured for different FeNi ratios and Al concentrations ranging up to 10at. in the nickel-rich fcc region and up to 25at.7. in the iron-rich bcc region. For all compositions examined, absorption spectra properly corrected for the x-ray thickness effect failed to disclose any variations attributable to changes in the local densities of unfilled 3d states. Theoretical band calculations were carried out for several fcc random solid solutions using the average t-matrix approximation. The alloy density-of-state curves showed distinct peaks corresponding to the d states at Fe and Ni atom sites, respectively. These peaks did not change either with FeNi ratio or with Al additions except to reflect atomic concentrations and a slight broadening attributable to increased disordering caused by aluminum. Although attempted, actual x-ray spectra could not be calculated because the requisite component densities contained nonphysical negative density values. The agreement between the two kinds of x-ray measurements and the band calculations that the local densities of 3d holes do not change either at Fe or at Ni sites requires a new model to explain the observed magnetic saturation effects in these alloys.

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Final rept. 1 Jun 75-31 May 78,

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DOI: 10.21236/ADA056356



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