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Three RESET Intern Projects: Atmospheric Data and Technology Assessments

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DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory White Sands Missile Range United States

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Three complex environmental topics were investigated as part of the Research Experiences for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM Educators and Teachers RESET Internship Program. Due to the coronavirus disease restrictions, the Army Educational Outreach Programs onsite laboratory experience was redesigned into a virtual US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory ARL RESET internship. The high school teacher participants had 40 h to discover, explore, and exercise fundamental scientific principles. This report documents the following content 1 Project 1a Developing Atmospheric Data Quality Control Tools A comparison of meteorological variables from Site A Local Rapid Evaluation of Atmospheric Conditions L-REAC Sensor Module Site and a new Site B Meteorological Measurement Tripod MMT Site. Results showed that the new site produced data worthy of its expanded mission. 2 Project 1b Investigating Solar Radiation Averages for Hybrid Power Grid Applications An investigation into representing solar radiation using running mean calculations. Results showed shorter running mean intervals preserved details clear sky conditions had the best mean error. 3 Project 1c Assessing the Impact of State-of-the-Art Airborne Hazard Decision Aid Technology. User feedback on the Diamond B Technology Solutions LR-x, founded on L-REAC, reported that LR-x preserved the user-friendly and intuitive attributes. Participants reported mutually constructive productive experiences.

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Technical Report,01 Oct 2019,30 Sep 2020



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