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Air Force Capability Development Planning: Analytical Methods to Support Investment Decisions

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RAND Corporation Santa Monica

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When the Air Force renewed its focus on capability development planning CDP in 2016, it established an internal governance structure to help transcend the constraints of CDP and budgeting. In October 2017, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force CSAF and the Secretary of the Air Force SECAF took the further step of creating the Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability AFWIC, whose responsibilities would encompass not only CDP but concept development and future force design. Prior to the establishment of AFWIC, RAND Project AIRFORCE PAF was asked to 1 review the processes and methods being used by the new CDP governance structure 2 identify analytical methods to inform long-term investment trade-off decisions across functional areas and multiple domains and 3 demonstrate the application of an appropriate analytical method to CDP. Over the course of the project, as AFWICs activities came into better focus, RAND PAF updated its representation of CDP and related planning processes.

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