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Tunable chiroptical response in metamaterial-nanocrystal hybrid systems

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University of Minnesota Minneapolis United States

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The overall objectives of this project are to understand and control light emission from colloidal nanocrystals coupled to chiral plasmonic metamaterials, and to understand nanoscale-light matter interactions in chiral environments. Chiral nanomaterials inherently couple together both electric and magnetic fields, and are therefore expected to be used in various photonic technologies, from ultrafast switches to topological photonics to document security. The majority of chiral metamaterials focus on resonant interactions between nanostructures of the same material e.g. gold. In this project, we sought to create tunable and switchable chiral metamaterials, with the goal of controlling the polarization state of luminescent nanocrystals coupled to the chiral metamaterial, and was accomplished by building up understanding of each of the components controlled chirality in nanocrystals, tunable chirality in metamaterials, nanopatterning methods for nanocrystals, and chiral metamaterials coupled to luminescent nanocrystals.

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Technical Report,01 Jul 2016,30 Jun 2019



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