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Ethics Paper

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United States Army Sergeants Major Academy Fort Bliss United States

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As the Army evolves, we as Senior Non-Commission officers will be the role models for future Soldiers to come. Our Ethic and moral values will influence future generations of Soldiers. Therefore, we must evaluate how we develop as professionals, and what it is that we believe in. To accomplish this process, we should understand the definition of ethics. Although we all have an idea what Ethics is, we want to insure that we have the correct idea. Ethical conflicts arise when the actions of one person or a group of people interfere with the interests of another person, group of people, or the community as a whole. Unfortunately, ethical decision-making models, no matter how elaborate, cannot adequately portray the complexity of ethical dilemmas. Websters dictionary states, Ethics. Is the study of the general nature of morals and the specific moral choices an individual makes in relating to others. The rules or standards of conduct governing the members of a profession.Lets break this definition down into parts so we can look at and study it. First, specific moral choices an individual makes in relating to others. As Senior Non-Commissioned officers we have a duty to foster the Anny values and instill these values in our subordinates. We are further obligated to teach Soldiers to make the right choices even when it would be easier to take a short cut. This guidance will help them to do the right thing the hard right over the easy left. The transition from junior leadership to senior leadership involves the development and enhancement of new skills and abilities. Leaders are required to master and display the Anny values within their organizations. At the senior NCO Level leaders are required to display advanced ability in moral reasoning. As the Army continues to change, greater demands are placed on the senior leader in the areas of interpersonal skills, critical thinking, intellectual creativity and flexibility to name only a few.

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