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Structure-Photophysics-Function Relationship of Perovskite Materials

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University of Miami Coral Gables United States

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Organometal halides that adopt perovskite structure have received tremendous attention due to the rapid increase in power conversion efficiency of solar cells. The perovskite film is sensitive to subtle variations during the fabrication. Characterizing the structure and testing the device performance only probes its static properties. Converting from photon to separated electron and hole is a dynamic process ranging from femtosecond to microsecond. Ultrafast laser spectroscopy can be utilized to study photophysics, but photophysics of different films has not been well correlated with structure and device function. In order to better understand the structure-function relationship, the uniqueness of our direction is to use femtosecond laser spectroscopy to study photophysics of different structures. This project focuses on studying the structure, photophysics, and function for a series of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials and structures, which can be useful.

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Technical Report,15 Apr 2017,14 Apr 2020



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