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Waveguide Lasers and Phased Arrays Emitting in the Ultraviolet to Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) Spectral Regions

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University of Illinois Urbana United States

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This AFOSR grant, initiated by Dr. Howard R. Schlossberg in 2014, has been dedicated to the pursuit of new sources of optical andUVVUV radiation and their applications. We are pleased to report to AFOSR that the past five years of research have proven to bequite productive, yielding several developments that appear to be of significant value to the Air Force. Highlights of this researchprogram include1. The conception and development of a laser whose output comprises literally thousands of microlaser beams. In the far field, thesebeams combine to form a single beam of low coherence and virtually no speckle. Such a laser has been pursued for decades bythe optical community and is ideal for high spatial and temporal resolution LIDAR.

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Technical Report,01 Nov 2013,31 Oct 2019




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