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Enhanced Autodiagnostic Adaptive Trainer for Myoelectric Prosthesis Users (eADAPT-MP)

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Design Interactive, Inc. Orlando United States

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Amputation of upper limbs, including hands and arms, is extremely devastating. Myoelectric prostheses provide the best functional equivalent of the missing limb, and utilize muscle activity from the residual limb to drive prosthetic hand movement. However, intensive training is required to control the myoelectric prosthesis, with the result that many amputees abandon their prosthesis. Difficult training has been implicated as the primary cause for device abandonment. Current training tools are expensive, restricted to use in the caregivers office, do not embrace all aspects of device use, and do not provide feedback to the provider or amputee. Along with amputee care providers, we have recently developed the ADAPT-MP system, which uses a wireless muscle sensing band, a series of mobile games, and a web-based provider portal to improve myoelectric training. The ADAPT-MP system is inexpensive, mobile, encompasses all aspects of device use, and provides immediate training progress feedback to the user and provider. In the current effort, we used FDA recommendations to test the ADAPT-MP system for patient interaction, usability and durability, and will expand the software based on testing, and perform a controlled trial using recent upper limb amputees to compare how using the enhanced ADAPT-MP system alters amputee device use, quality of life, and ability to return to workduty.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2018,29 Sep 2019



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