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Effects of a Powered Ankle-Foot Prosthesis and Device-Specific Physical Therapy on Function and Pain for Individuals Living with Transfemoral Limb Loss

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Narrows Institute for Biomedical Research Brooklyn United States

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Lower limb prosthetic technology has evolved into advanced powered devices that can better replicate the gastroc-soleus complex for individuals with a lower extremity amputation. However, the current state of prosthetic research appears to favor the evaluation of prosthetic componentry on gait mechanics and rarely incorporates any device-specific physical therapy PT program. This study proposes to measure the biomechanical and functional response of participants with transfemoral amputation TFA to an advanced prosthetic and rehabilitative intervention. This investigation is a 2-site, 8-week, randomized, clinical trial. Individuals living with TFA will be fit with a powered ankle-foot prosthesis and randomized to receive either device-specific PT or the current standard of care. At baseline utilizing their current passive prosthesis, and again 4- and 8-weeks later utilizing the powered device, all subjects will undergo a full gait analysis, as well as functional, neurocognitive, cognitive, and pain assessments. Results from this investigation will drive prosthetic and PT prescriptions for use of powered devices in this population.

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2018,14 Sep 2019



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