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Advancing Our Understanding of the Etiologies and Mutational Landscapes of Basal-Like, Luminal A, and Luminal B Breast Cancers

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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle United States

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We conducted a five-year population-based case-case breast cancer study to identify how various breast cancer risk factors differ in their relationships to different molecular subtypes of breast cancer and to further characterize molecular differences between these subtypes To address the existing research gaps regarding the etiologies of different molecular subtypes of breast cancer we employed state of the art multidisciplinary approaches to advance our understanding of the epidemiology and mutational landscapes of basal-like, luminal A, and luminal B tumors. Our original goal was to recruit about 2,700 women in Western Washington who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to compare to 900 women who have never been diagnosed with breast cancer, but control ascertainment was unacceptably low, so on 82515 we submitted a request to modify the SOW to drop the control group and replace it with an additional 80 to100 ER cases. Participation in this research included a detailed telephone interview, collection of breast tissue and oral samples and medical record abstraction. Breast tissue samples were reviewed and tested at FHCRC and special tissue analyses were also performed at the Michigan Center for Translational Pathology. With rich epidemiologic and clinical data we are advancing knowledge regarding risk factors for the different subtypes of breast cancer. Another key component of this project is our deep molecular characterization of breast cancers that have recurred compared to those that have not recurred. This research may eventually be of help in developing clinically important insights and treatment protocols for future breast cancer patients.

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2015,14 Sep 2019



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