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Explosive Equivalence of Hypergolic Propellants

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The Aerospace Corporation El Segundo United States

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The purpose of this report is to document the explosive equivalence of N2O4A-50 and other hypergolic energetic liquid bi-propellants for inclusion in DESR 6055.09 Ref. 1. This analysis is similar to the recent report on hydrocarbon propellants that can be found in Aerospace TR-2019-00959 Ref. 2. The focus of this report will be on revisions to N2O4A-50 but other combinations N2O4N2H4, N2O4UDMH, IRFNAUDMH, N2O4MMH, pentaborane PB, and chlorine trifluoridepentafluoride CTFCPF combinations will be addressed. Based on findings during this latest review additional recommendations for revisions to DESR 6055.09 are included. This revision is intended to apply to DoD facilities siting and construction for operations involving these energetic liquids. It does not govern the storage or handling of energetic liquids for uses other than in launch vehicles, space vehicles, rockets, missiles, and associated static test and processing installations. The yield criteria will envelope testprocessing facilities and launch facilities for the pre-launchpre-ignition state, on-pad engine firing conditions, and post-launch hazards relative to near-pad incidents. Additional assessments are included which apply to other operational facilities and conditions.

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