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Leveraging Human Behavior Modeling Technologies to Strengthen Simulation-Based C2 System Acquisition

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MITRE Corporation Bedford United States

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An ongoing challenge within the DoD modeling and analytical community is the ability to accurately represent human behavior to a useful degree of realism. However, advances in human behavior modeling show promise for military simulation in general, and specifically for C2 modeling. The application of these emerging techniques could provide 1 a much-needed breakthrough in the realism of simulated C2 for analyses and decision aids, 2 a powerful extension for man-in-the-loop experiments where study cases are limited by operator availability, and 3 a potential mechanism for reducing support personnel requirements for military training exercises. Several architectures and tools exist for building models of human behavior. Although these architectures are maturing via non-military venues, there remains a void in the application of this technology to meet military needs. The key area that has yet to be directly addressed by current efforts is the application of this technology to time-critical command and control decision-making processes. The Air Force Research Laboratory AFRL has invested in pilot behavioral models that may have the potential for extension to C2 operators and eventually to teams of C2 operators.

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