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The Impact of Medical Care on Casualty Estimates from Battlefield Exposure to Chemical Biological and Radiological Agents and Nuclear Weapon Effects

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Institute for Defense Analyses Alexandria United States

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This study analyzed the impact of medical care on the chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear CBRN casualty estimation methodology described in NATO Allied Medical Publication 8 AMedP-8C NATO Planning Guide for the Estimation of CBRN Casualties. This document proposes the AMedP-8C patient estimation methodology P8PEM as an extension of the AMedP-8C casualty estimation methodology P8CEM. Starting with the products of the P8CEM, specifically the estimate of the Wounded in Action WIA casualties entering the medical system, the P8PEM characterizes these casualties using parameters that allow the user to consider the effect of medical treatment. The P8PEM both identifies the WIA casualties as patients within the medical system and estimates the time at which they progress to other casualty categories including Died of Wounds DOW, Return to Duty RTD, and Convalescent. By contrasting the outputs of the P8PEM with those of the P8CEM, users can easily quantify the benefit of medical care to patients and estimate the burden to the medical system. Including the results of this study within the current medical planning and logistical tools and architecture will improve the medical planning process.

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