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Workshop on Information Engines at the Frontiers of Nanoscale Thermodynamics

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Telluride Science Research Center Telluride United States

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Synthetic nanoscale machines, like their macromolecular biological counterparts, perform tasks that involve the simultaneous manipulation of energy, information, and matter. In this they are information enginessystems with two inextricably intertwined characters. The first aspect, call it physical, is the one in which the systemseen embedded in a material substrateis driven by, manipulates, stores, and dissipates energy. The second aspect, call it informational, is the one in which the systemseen in terms of its spatial and temporal organizationgenerates, stores, loses, and transforms information. Information engines operate by synergistically balancing both aspects to support a given functionality, such as extracting work from a heat reservoir.

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Technical Report,05 Jul 2018,30 Jun 2019



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