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STP 8-A-05 AI Groundwork

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The DLA R and D Weapons System Sustainment Program WSSP launched the Artificial Intelligence AI Groundwork Project in FY19 to research and recommend strategies for enabling the adoption of AI across the Enterprise. Prior to this project, AI and machine learning ML efforts at DLA have been siloed and therefore not aligned to a greater mission and purpose. When WSSP added multiple short-term AI prototype projects to its strategic vision, it decided to partner with Accenture to initiate a foundational project to unify the approach, policy, technical prerequisites, workforce upskilling, and broader DoD alignment. In addition to the R and D Office, the Accenture team performed this work in coordination with key DLA stakeholders from the Analytics Center of Excellence ACE and the Office of the Chief Technology Officer. The project team developed a series of assessments, recommendations, and content to establish a strategic framework for DLAs journey to production-scale AI systems. However, this project is only the first step toward AI transformation. Execution and implementation of these recommendations across the Enterprise are required to empower its workforce, foster a modern AI culture, and drive better business outcomes through AI-powered solutions. The AI Groundwork Project has six key task areas Task 1 Create a foundation for Data Science Knowledge Management Task 2 Create Notional Artificial Intelligence Models Task 3 Create an AI Use Case Playbook Task 4 Research of use of the DLA Azure Cloud for AI development Task 5 Develop AI Policy recommendations for AI Governance and Controls, Ethics, Workforce AI Education, AI Model Bias Avoidance, and Cybersecurity Task 6 Integrate the results of Tasks 1-5 with DLA Data and Analytic Strategy, DLA Enterprise Enablers Document and 2018 DoD AI Strategy documents.

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