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Sensor Placement Analysis for Defense Against Uncertain Raids of Ballistic Threats

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lexington United States

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Sensor management lies at the crux of engagement support, and effective deployment of sensors is an important component of a battle management system. Sensors need to be properly placed to provide sufficient coverage for detection, tracking, and threat identification capabilities. This becomes particularly challenging in scenarios where the available sensor resources are strained by a large number of concurrent threats. However, many such difficult scenarios can be dealt with if sensors can cooperate and information can be effectively combined. Thus, selection and placement of sensor resources for complex scenarios should be done at a system level i.e., where information from all sensors is available to account for potential performance gains enabled by the fusion of data from multiple sensors. To this end, this work constructs a mathematical frame work for the analysis of effective deployment of multiple sensors with the objective of supporting weapons systems. In addition, it is assumed that the defense is posed against a large number of concurrent threats characterized by uncertain a priori information.

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