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Smart PV Micro Grids for Cooking in Heavily Disadvantaged Communities: FY19 HP/ATC/HADR Technical Investment Program

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lexington United States

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It is well documented that biomass cooking has a severe detrimental impact on the health, environment, climate and economy of worldwide communities1. Over four million people die each year from illnesses caused by indoor air pollution from biomass cooking. Massive deforestation in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya occur when 90 of the population, mostly women and children, search up to 6 hours per day for biomass fuel. There is no quick solution. Cookstove technology has dramatically improved over the last few years, but efficiency remains low, the stoves are expensive and special fuel is required for clean cooking. Other alternative clean burning fuels, such as LPG, have gained momentum but require a large distribution and maintenance infrastructure that many countries cannot afford at scale.

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