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Are Incentives and Motivations for Scientists and Engineers Aligned to Meet the Armys Modernization Goals

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Defense Acquisition University Fort Belvoir United States

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The creation of the Army Futures Command AFC and the Cross Functional Teams CFTs in order to spur innovation and game-changing technologies for the warfighter has created ripple effects throughout the Army. These effects range from how the Army looks at generating requirements for new material solutions all the way through fielding those solutions within schedule and cost objectives that are stretch goals based on existing standards. While the majority of professionals entrusted with executing these goals for AFC came from existing Army organizations such as the Research Development Engineering Center RDECOM, other organizations such as the office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology ASAALT and their professionals were also required to collaborate with AFC to realize these goals. This research topic looked at whether the incentives and motivations that AFC and ASAALT provided their workforce, were aligned to meet Army modernization goals, particularly considering the aggressive schedule requirement. The research yielded interesting insights into this topic particularly around what was available to AFC and ASAALT. It also looked at what other organizations, particularly high technology firms in the private sector utilized to drive their workforce for generating innovative solutions under stressing constraints. The findings and conclusions showed that a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic incentives and motivations were required, and that those incentives and motivations were not insurmountable. However, they do require some creative thought and tailoring from leadership in order to influence the work-force of scientists and engineers to meet the Armys aggressive modernization goals.

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