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System of Systems Management in the Cannon Artillery Portfolio

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Defense Acquisition University Fort Belvoir United States

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There is an urgent need to understand how System of Systems Engineering SoSE theory and practice can be leveraged to enable the US Army Field Artillery to dominate in a conflict against a near peer adversary. The intent of this research is to identify opportunities for the application of System of Systems Engineering theory and practice within the US Army Cannon Artillery portfolio in support of this objective. Systems of Systems Engineering SoSE management addresses the development of complex systems made up of constituent component systems. The application of SoSE has become necessary to manage the increasingly complex systems that the Army will develop and field in the near future, as well as manage the complex systems of systems that already exist. The last significant guidance provided by DoD on system of systems engineering is in excess of ten years old. Theory and thought on System of Systems Engineering have advanced in that time. This paper seeks to examine how thought on System of Systems Engineering has progressed and identify opportunities to improve outcomes by implementing these new ideas into the development and acquisition of new capabilities for the US Army. This paper examines the applicability of SoSE to the Army cannon artillery portfolio and provides recommendations for the application of SoSE within that portfolio. In this paper, a literature search will be conducted to identify innovative thought on the management of systems of systems. Relevant themes are then drawn from the research to identify opportunities for implementation in the cannon artillery portfolio. Finally, recommendations will be made for future inquiry into this area of research.

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