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Development of Standardized and Best Practices for the USCG Boats Acquisition Program

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Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center, RAND Corporation Santa Monica

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The U.S. Coast Guard USCG depends on its fleet of more than 1,600 boats to conduct its most critical operations, which span all 11 of the USCGs statutory missions. These boats must be replaced frequently, given the harsh environments and challenging operations in which they are used. To keep up with this demand in a cost-effective way, the USCG has determined that it needs an enduring Program Management Office to manage boats acquisition efforts. The RAND Corporations Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center HSOAC was asked to conduct a90-day study to 1 identify best practices and lessons learned for improving boats acquisition by reviewing the current boats acquisition program and similar programs inside and outside the USCG and 2 make recommendations for the structure, funding strategy, and processes of a future enduring boats acquisition program. We review the current boats acquisition program and similar organizations inside and outside the USCG, assess possible funding and structural strategies, and make recommendations on these topics for USCG leadership.

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