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Chip-Scale Linear Non-Reciprocal Optomechanical Systems

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University of Illinois Urbana United States

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Time-reversal symmetry is a fundamental property of linear time-invariant media, and causes optical, electromagnetic, and acoustic systems to produce symmetric outputs between any inputoutput ports. However, it is necessary to break time-reversal symmetry to produce nonreciprocal behavior and to enable important devices like isolators and circulators. In the optical context, non-reciprocal behavior has been almost exclusively accomplished using magneto-optical effects. Unfortunately, this traditional approach has not been possible to implement on chip e.g. in photonics foundries due to the need for specialized materials and the high optical losses occurring with existing material options. Through this AFOSR Young Investigator Award we were able to study a new Brillouin scattering induced optical interference mechanism that can be efficiently used to achieve linear non-reciprocal behavior.

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Technical Report,01 Jun 2015,31 Oct 2018



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