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Time-Varying Metamaterials: Dynamic Transformation Optics and Parametric Phenomena

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University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc. Lawrence United States

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This research program explored the following aspects of the electromagnetic interaction with time-varying media 1 The physical processes suitable to dynamically induce large permittivity changes in specifically selected regions of space. This research thrust led to the formulation of the theory of a new class of surface waves termed Accumulation-Layer Surface Plasmons ASP. 2 The resonant eigenmodes of metallic nanostructures embedded in media with time-varying permittivity, and the conditions of parametric regeneration and parametric resonance. This research thrust led to the development of the theory of Plasmonic Parametric Resonance PPR. 3 Optical limiting effects relying on plasmonic parametric resonance. In this research thrust a new class nonlinear saturable absorber termed Plasmonic Parametric Absorbers PPA was introduced and theoretically modeled.4 The study of tunable extreme anisotropy. In this context we proposed a variety of electromagnetic and optoelectronic devices relying on metamaterials with tunable hyperbolic dispersion.

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Technical Report,15 Jun 2016,14 Jun 2019



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