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An Analytic Inventory of DHS Headquarters Business Processes

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Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC) Washington United States

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The mission of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security DHS includes protecting the nation against threats to the homeland both terrorism-related and otherwise strengthening national preparedness, response, and resilience preserving and upholding the nations prosperity and economic security securing the nations borders while facilitating legitimate trade and travel and supporting the personnel who contribute to DHS mission execution. An important DHS goal is to identify, develop, improve, share, and align its capabilities in support of strategic decision making. To guide this effort, DHS is establishing an Analytic Agenda. As a primary step in the Analytic Agenda, DHS requires an inventory of its analytic capabilities, including the data, tools, special skills, and human resources necessary to carry out the departments mission. This report documents the method used to inventory the analytic capabilities at DHS Headquarters DHSHQ, including the current capabilities used to support decisionmaking, and provides some recommendations on how DHS could enhance its analytic capabilities. This report should be helpful to those in DHS who are involved in developing strategies clarifying how analyses are produced and how they will be used and determining which elements of analysis are important for strategy and requirements development, acquisition, and evaluation. It should also be of interest to those involved in requirements development, illustrating how strategy productsand the elements of those productscould inform and drive decisions during the acquisition and evaluation processes. Beyond these two audiences, however, this report should be broadly useful to those who seek to understand DHS-HQ operations, including DHS-HQ offices, DHS components, and non-DHS stakeholders.

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HSHQDC-16-D-00007, HSHQDC-17-J-003

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