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ALE3D-MHD Modeling of Modified Squeeze 5 Magnetic Flux Compression Generator (FCG) Design

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CCDC Army Research Laboratory Aberdeen Proving Ground United States

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The US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory is actively working on an experimental program using a magnetic flux compression generator FCG, called Squeeze, as a pulsed-power source for protection applications. The Squeeze FCG design is based on a cylindrical detonation system that expands the armature and delivers a current to a 160-nH load. The generator was designed to generate currents as high as 1.00 MA. Test results revealed a weakness in the design resulting in only 980 kA. The lower current amplification is caused by resistive and geometric losses in the design of the crowbar and glide-plane. The Squeeze 5 FCG was modified to correct this weakness and provide enhanced performance. In the new design, the crowbar and the glide plane are modified. This report focuses on the analysis of this modification using the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory developed magneto-hydrodynamic MHD code ALE3D. ALE3D-MHD simulation showed a 5 percent increase in current output of the modified Squeeze 5 generator.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2019,01 Apr 2020



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