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Main Command Post-Operational Detachments (MCP-ODs) and Division Headquarters Readiness

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RAND Corporation Santa Monica United States

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In July 2013, thenSecretary of Defense Charles Hagel directed a 20-percent reduction in spending on management-level headquarters HQ. The Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army CSA subsequently directed the creation of Focus Area Review Groups FARGs to develop bold executable recommendations and explore 25-percent reductions in institutional and operational HQ. The unit structures that eventually resulted from this direction became known as the FARG II HQ design. This design included the creation of a new unit type called the Main Command PostOperational Detachment MCP-OD, through which reserve component RC personnel would augment active component AC division and corps staffs. Figure S.1 shows the previous, all-AC structure and the two subsequent modifications. U.S. Army Forces Command FORSCOM asked RAND Arroyo Center to identify the effects of this design on division HQ readiness to respond rapidly to contingencies and their ability to conduct mission command from alert through completed deployment in theater. FORSCOM further asked RAND Arroyo Center to develop potential mitigation strategies, as appropriate.

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